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KSK BONO has been developing, producing and selling dry food for dogs and cats since 1992.
The company was established as a pure Czech subject. In 2007 came a change of ownership and Polish company MISPOL S. A. became the 100% owner - currently KSK BONO is a member of its petfood division. 
The production process is under a constant supervision from the State veterinary service and the Ministry of Agriculture, while observing strict hygienic conditions. All the raw materials and ready products are regularly analysed in certified laboratories.                                                                                                                                                             
We buy raw materials from proven, stable suppliers and the quality is monitored by the quality department.
Since 2009 we are certified by IFS (International Food Standard) certificate.


Extruded feed for individual categories of dogs and cats is produced  in accordance with specially developed and nutritionally balanced formulas. The extrusion itself is being done on a modern Wenger extrusion line, its fully automated operations maintained by computers provide us with production of pellets for dogs and cats while perfectly processing materials in desired parameters. During the extrusion process by the effect of HTST (high temperature of 120-130°C for a couple of seconds) all the pathogens are wiped out, digestion of particular nutriments is improved (especially of starch), antinutriments are lowered and by that the expiration date is prolonged. Our extruded feeds are therefore produced without any health risks, easy to digest and very well received. We are adding fresh meat (hydrolysed) into our feeds which improves not only the palatability and scent of granules but also the nutrition values. 
All raw materials from which the pellets are made are specially selected according to specified parameters and are subject to HACCP entry control.
Our company offers the production of dry food for dogs and cats under private labels or a range of products of our own brand, which includes products like: BONO, PETTY, POPULAR and IMPULS.


Wet food for dogs and cats (cans, pate, pouches) of the BONO and PETTY brand, as well as private labels according to customer requirements are produced by the PET FOOD division in Poland - Mispol S.A.




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